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3 steps to successful customer experience change management

Posted by Perceptive Insights Team - 16 September, 2015

3_steps_to_successful_customer_experience_change_management-685757-editedWhen you’re moving towards a customer focus, a natural step will be to implement a customer experience (CX) management program—but it’s crucial that you set yourself up for success internally first.

Rolling out a robust CX program is an exercise in change management itself. You are, in effect, managing the human side of change. And as far as management goes, having a structured process to achieve your goals is key. 

1. Begin with why

Before you even start, you need to identify what the desired outcome is. What are you trying to change and why? Always come back to the goal throughout the process.

This is the key factor of success that you will use when you talk to your employees about your CX initiative.


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2. Knowing your status quo

Successful CX is based on knowing what your business’s current state is right now. This is where you take a pragmatic approach. Even though you may be closely attached to the company, beware of becoming too emotional and only look at the facts.

It's important to have a holistic view and understand the bigger perspective. What is your current customer perception in the market? But equally, internally, how do your employees feel?


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3. Measure it to manage it

Measurement tools will help with understanding your current situation and customer experience management software is an example of this.

You need to learn from your customers (and employees) to understand where you can change your business practices and know that you are on the right track over time.


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