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CompanyName Gives You Power To Create Something Beautiful

By Karin Pretorius Marais - 16 October, 2019

Is SaaS putting software development in a permanent state of beta?

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) has offered the software...

By Perceptive Team - 16 September, 2019

How profitable companies use market insights to be more competitive

Good market insights provide a basis for not only knowing...

By Sapien Team - 04 August, 2019

System 1: How is it affecting your brand's success?

Why do we buy the things we buy? Why do we choose the...

By Perceptive Customer Insights Team - 28 July, 2019

How to use implicit association to measure brand health

    At its core, brand health is all about how people feel,...

By Perceptive Customer Insights Team - 25 July, 2019

Brand distinctiveness: what does it mean for you?

    Get lost in the crowd, get left behind. The success of...

By Perceptive Customer Insights Team - 20 July, 2019

10 principles for customer experience transformation

To achieve outstanding results for your business, you have...

By Perceptive Customer Insights Team - 11 July, 2019

How digital innovation trends impact customer experience

Advances in social channels and media along with the cloud...

By Perceptive Customer Insights Team - 08 July, 2019

RFM modelling: a powerful customer segmentation tool

Many companies find that 80 per cent of their revenue comes...

By Perceptive Customer Insights Team - 01 July, 2019

What are the brand tracking KPIs for a brand manger to monitor?

Brand health is a broad measure to track. A holistic view...