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This is why you need to measure your brand health now

Posted by Perceptive Insights Team - 20 June, 2016


A healthy brand is a combination of the following:

  • Your business vision, mission and brand values are clearly articulated across your business. This includes on your website, social media, marketing and even the language your employees use.

  • Your brand has a set of visual elements (colours, style, imagery) and has a clear message that communicates your story instantly (think elevator pitch).
  • These visual elements and brand and messaging are incorporated into every type of communication—internally and externally.

  • Your brand is consistent across all platforms, regardless of digital, print or other media.



Internal and external applications of brand health

Brand health transpires across all areas of an organisation—internal and external. To carry its message internally, it needs constant repetition to help employees fully adopt and communicate it. Only when your employees are on board will it be strong enough for potential new customers and an external audience to take notice.



Cut through the noise

Imagine all the types of media your potential customers are exposed on a daily basis: video commercials, online ads, radio ads, billboards, emails, cold calls. Your brand needs to be strong enough to stand out and cut through all of that noise.

Your brand lives in the mind of the consumer. Only those brands who master brand health can push through the clutter and sit tight at the top.



Why focus on brand health?

Why is the brand important? Consider this quote from John A. Quelch, from Harvard Business School:

“For many non-profit organisations and consumer goods companies, their brand is, along with their people, the most important asset they have.”

A strong brand is a crucial factor for any successful business or organisation. Brand health is not just about how much revenue your company generates, but the strength of your brand and its ability to create affinity within the minds of your consumers. Failing to have a strong, health brand, can affect a businesses to sell, to attract and hire the talented staff, and to grow. Without it your customer awareness and your bottom line suffer.

Meanwhile, a healthy brand is the telltale sign of a company ready and able to prosper.


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